Parent-child Reading Program

In order to broaden children's reading experiences and enhance children's language ability, the school implemented the parent-child reading program, book recommendation list and storytelling with parents to cultivate good reading habits in children.

Performances and Competition

The school offers opportunities for children to attend various performances and competitions to cultivate children's self-confidence and sense of accomplishment, and to develop their potential.

Grasshopper Scouts Activities

The Scout Association of Hong Kong’s "1138th East Kowloon Group" of Grasshopper Scouts was established to foster good attitude and self-discipline in children as well as to foster team work and team spirit through group activities.

Learning Activities

The school designs diversified game-based learning activities based on the current themes and festivals, allowing children to explore, manipulate, express and think more from the activities, and cultivate an attitude of independent learning.

Outings and Lectures

The school arranges different visits and lectures for children, so that children can learn from real life experiences to broaden their horizons.

Parents’ Activities

The school holds regular seminars and workshops to educate parents on how to teach their children, and recruit parent volunteers for parents to get to know and understanding more about how the school runs. The school hopes these activities can promote home-school cooperation.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In order to cultivate children's various interests, the school has arranged different types of interest classes, including drawing classes, dance classes, English Phonics classes and Cambridge English classes to develop personal potential and enrich children's learning experience.

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