Slide Philosophy Adhering to the spirit of Buddha's compassion, we will cultivate children's wisdom. Slide Motto Enlighten with Wisdom, Manifest with Compassion. Slide Mission We strive to improve the learning and teaching culture and to enhance professional growth in teachers. We strive to develop the multi-faceted potential of children through the cooperation between home and school.
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Adhering to the spirit of Buddha's compassion, we will cultivate children's wisdom.

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Nursery (K1)

Nursery (K1): Children aged three to four are at the “exploratory” stage. Our school offers various of multi-sensory activities to develop children’s interest in learning with multiple senses. We encourage children to be curious about their surroundings, develop a positive attitude and cultivate autonomous learning.

Lower Kindergarten (K2)

Lower Kindergarten (K2): Children aged four to five years old are at the “learning development” stage. Our school offers diversified learning activities where children could take part in, allowing them to construct knowledge and skills meaningfully. We hope that the activities could cultivate the spirit of autonomous learning.

Upper Kindergarten (K3)

Upper Kindergarten (K3): Children aged five to six have matured in the development of language, social interaction, fine-motor and gross-motor skills, and self-care. Through in-depth child-led activities, children can master and apply different learning skills and develop independent and multi-directional thinking skills.

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All teachers are professional with rich teaching experience and possess early childhood education qualifications. In addition, English and Mandarin teachers are employed to enhance children’s trilingualism (Cantonese, Mandarin and English).

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