Parent-child Infomation

Understanding Your Child's Development - For Parents of Preschool Children

Starting preschool signifies a new milestone of your child's development. Other than the family, the preschool also plays an important role in nurturing your child's learning of knowledge and skills. Close communication between parents and teachers surely helps in facilitating their development.

"Helping Your Children of Kindergarten Age " parent booklet

Education Bureau published a parent booklet called “Helping Your Child of Kindergarten Age”. It is a guideline for parents on nurturing and establishing a life- long learning foundation for their children. It also emphasizes encouraging collaboration between parents and schools so to ensure their overall development.

Smart Parent Net~Positive Parent Campaign

"Smart Parent Net" provides video clips and articles on parent education shared by various academics and experts. "Positive Parent Campaign" promote positive parent education as well as the proper ways and attitudes of raising children to parents and the public.

“Light Family” Parent Education Animation Series - Positive Parents, Practise What You Preach

The story emphasises that parents should set an example for their children by teaching them to respect their elders and love their siblings, and also show care for and help others with a view to cultivating a positive and loving growth environment.

“Light Family” Parent Education Animation Series -Is My Method the Best?

The content emphasizes that parents should understand the character and abilities of their child, and find and learn the suitable positive parenting practices to nurture their child.

“Light Family” Parent Education Animation Series- Never Forget Your Original Intention

The animations emphasises that parents should not forget their original intention of parenting to let the children grow up healthy and happily.

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